As I stand shaking my head, I slip into deep thought pondering on every word that’s being said.
A shame over shadowing a physical presence of shame, you’re face familiar with my character but know nothing more than his name.

You’re riding on a wave of emotions that could easily body a giant, sadly you’ve mistaken the ocean for a friend, I hate to say it but you’re standing off balance.

Your character flaw speaks in tongues but I judge none, so I gaze remaining silent.

You are non parallel with the Hybrid! Only conditioned mentally to keep contempt the tyrant… 

…but that too shall pass!

Should your vibrational frequency continue its fowarding, I assure you, against the stone you will fall short indeed.

For only a short moment did I remain paused to be entertained by you. Never did I settle, my inner intentions were unseen.

So ends the lifeline of our acquaintance.